Wish Lamp

'Shalin' Wish Lamp is a unique 5 layer designed lamp based on ancient wisdom of pyramids, vastu shastra, mandalas and shree yantra. Lamp design harmonizes energy level from earth to the space.

The first layer of lamp is 'Shree Yantra' - the most exalted source of energy from where energy ascends to cluster of 9 golden pyramids. A cumulative energy then transforming through single pyramid reaches to wick lamp. Once the wick lamp (placed in golden star) lighted up with pure ghee, one may with his wish have to place camphor in the top bucket. A slow burning of camphor spreads beneficial photons in the room and this photons work as per your program and wish.

Wish lamp also purifies atmosphere and harmonizes the space. It eradicates all negative energy and radiate positive energy in room. Ideal for home and office and daily rituals.

Wish Lamp


  • Size: 100X100X120

Why Shalin Yantras

  • All Yantras are made from Five Metals as described in Authentic Religious Texts.
  • All Yantras are made on World-Class Machine Room following all the Vaidic Rituals.
  • Micro finishing and Precise Engineering is observed under stringent quality criteria.
  • High Quality- Pure Plating of Copper - Silver and Gold.
  • All Yantras are consecrated and desired puja is performed by most scholastic pundits.
  • Wonderful packaging for gifting purpose.
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