The Vastu Perspective

The Shree Yantra is one of humankind's most ancient symbols. For many millennia the Shree Yantra has been used to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation. Yantras have been used in Vastu for thousands of years in order to balance defects on the energetic and karmic plane.

The Shree Yantra's energetic elements very clearly form a unity, which is dedicated to the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. The Shree Yantra consists of a combination of nine triangles of different angles and sizes which penetrate each other. Five triangles are arranged in such a way that their horizontal lines are parallel and the other four triangles are arranged in the exact opposite direction. The figure that is formed by these triangles contains 43 small triangles with each one of them manifesting its own specific energy. The complex geometry of Shree Yantra is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications on one's life.

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