Shri Ganesh Yantra

The Ganesh Yantra is the perceived to be the most auspicious Yantra in the whole arena of Yantras for being the soul stature of the supreme deity that is of Lord Ganesha.

Shri Ganesh Yantra

Lord Ganesha is the most benevolent and soft hearted deities in religion and is believed as easy to please for wiping all the problems from one's life. It has a special place at all the auspicious occasions and supreme position in Ganesh Pooja and Diwali. Worshipping Ganesha Yantra on these occasions would bestow much of positive reflection.

The 'Shalin' Ganesh Yantra is the divine defender and remover of all hurdles from human life path besides which it is believed as to fulfill all the wishes of a person is adored from heart and paid all the rituals. Most importantly, it is the giver of knowledge and strength of mind to win over the world through a wiser vision.
Placing and worshiping 'Shalin' Ganesh Yantra at the beginning of every aspect in life is much enough to wipe out the hurdles in the path ahead and so on it is deeply believed for a special place of Ganesha Yantra. Altogether, it bestows all the fortune and good luck to the owner or worshipper and opens many directions for success and positive results towards triumph in life path.

Yantra of supreme God is designed as per the ancient Vedic knowledge and authenticated religious texts. Fully energized and consecrated 'Shalin' Ganesh Yantra can provide instantaneous results.

Shri Ganesh Yantra


  • Size: 150mm x 150mm
  • Weight: 1.4 Kgs.


  • Size: 235mm x 235mm
  • Weight: 4.0 Kgs.

Why Shalin Yantras

  • All Yantras are made from Five Metals as described in Authentic Religious Texts.
  • All Yantras are made on World-Class Machine Room following all the Vaidic Rituals.
  • Micro finishing and Precise Engineering is observed under stringent quality criteria.
  • High Quality- Pure Plating of Copper - Silver and Gold.
  • All Yantras are consecrated and desired puja is performed by most scholastic pundits.
  • Wonderful packaging for gifting purpose.
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