Shalin Shree Yantra Exhibition, London

Shalin Shree Yantra Exhibition, London

‘Shalin’ showcased finest ‘Shree Yantra’ to the people of United Kingdom. In a huge scale exhibition, “Ame Gujarati” held at Wembley Stadium on 27th and 28th of July 2013; ‘Shalin’ brand Shree Yantra made its debut presentation. Thousands of visitors from the different walks of the society appreciated the man made marvel, Shalin Shree Yantra.

‘Shalin’ Shree Yantra is a unique combination of a true vedic ritual and engineering excellence. Meru prastha Shree Yantra made out of five precious and noble metals provides rich embodiment desired for the most exalted and potent yantra of Supreme Goddess Shri Lalita Tripur Sundari.

To establish Shree Yantra at one’s puja - workplace or home is the most common desire of any hindu deity. In fact the sacred geometry of Shree Yantra enjoys supremacy in many other religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Islam too.

In his interview Mr. Bakul Surelia and Mr. Tushar Kathrecha expressed that ‘accurately designed ‘Shalin’ shree yantra is an outcome of in-depth research of various religious texts like Vedas, upnishads, agams and vidyas for years together. Being the supreme spiritual product, we maintain all vedic rituals at the time of manufacturing. All the yantras are being consecrated by legendary scholastic acharya, Shri Vrajlal Shastriji at a highly sacred place and desired mantras are chanted on every yantra to generate optimum power’.

Spiritual Gurus, Sri Vidya literate people, Pundits have highly appreciated the finest and accurate craftsmanship of ‘Shalin’ Shree Yantra. 

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